Tomei Japan TCT (VTC) Release Bar Tool For 4B11T (MB992103 - 751003)

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This Special Tool is required when changing Camshafts on the 4B11

To change the camshafts on the EVO 10's 4B11 engine there is a special tool that is required from Mitsubishi OEM tools, to unlock the timing chain tensioner. The Mitsubishi genuine parts part number is (MB992103). However the Mitsubishi tool design makes it too difficult for a singe person to work on the engine alone to complete the task. So the TOMEI TCT design utilizes the screw hole on the top of the head deck surface to lock in the TCT tool into position to allow the single staff worker to have hands free of that task to continue working on the head to complete the camshaft exchange job.


4B11 751003  


How To Release the Valve Timing Chain

Insert the precision driver (or similar tool of the same size) into the special service hole where the Timing chain tensioner is and hold it in there to keep it unlocked. The TCT release bar is then to be inserted into the timing chain gallery between the cam gears and pushed against the timing cam gear ASSY on the intake side which will push the chain tensioner inside the case and make it loose. Whilst the screw driver is in the service hole the TCT will relieve the tension on the chain when the TCT is pressured up against the tension..

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Keiichi Suzuki was a NISSAN Works Team Driver as well as a mechanic, and other “JOHOKU RIDERS” launched “TOMEI MOTOR Inc”.
That’s right,”TOMEI” was created as a consequence of those car guys gathered.

Although “TOMEI MOTOR Inc.”later changed its name to “TOMEI POWERED”,
its spirit and passion has been inherited, just for more powerful and stronger engine.

In the very beginning we started of as a racing constructor of NISSAN type engines only and since day one we have produced & tuned many racing engines.
Our standard procedures with the biginning of each new engine development, is to thoroughly inspect each engine component thoroughli for every aspevt of each part after disassembling and cleaning each part.
This is our daily routine and habit.
We foumd this to be the best procedure to find and address the engines good points, weak points and it helps us to accurately re-evaluate it for its new purpose.
We then rebuild it and make it close to the original but a new stronger complete ideal balanced engine.
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We now make many complete engines of various brands and we’re not only limited to NISSAN engines.
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TOMEI will keep challenging to make you satisfied.

Thank you very much for your continued support

As we have already announced, the original products of Tomei Powered USA Inc. starting with “T” in their part numbers are not designed, supervised, tested, manufactured or quality checked by us Tomei Powered Inc.

Now from March 2019, everything not only the “T” items Tomei Powered USA Inc. sells is their original product which is not from us Tomei Powered Inc. since the license contract we made with Tomei Powered USA Inc. has now expired as of the 28th of February 2019.

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Vehicle / Engine Manufacturer Mitsubishi
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Manufacturer Mitsubishi
Model Lancer
Variant Evolution 10 X
Engine 4B11T
Lead Time 1 Week
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