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Yahoo Japan Deposit Token

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Product Description


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What are Yahoo Auctions?

Yahoo Auctions are a Japanese online shopping service which is visited over 2 million times per day by people all over the world.

It's great for finding those innovative, rare or just damn cool parts for your car which are not available anywhere in Europe.

But it's not limited to just car parts - you can indulge in everything Japanese, so for those of you who are fans of Japanese culture, you could pick up a whole truckload of great gadgets, anime magazines and some fantastic gifts for birthdays and Christmas!

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Our Service

Our service to you is to facilitate the buying of a product and shipping on your behalf.

We are not responsible for the listing of items on the auctions or their description accuracy (including respective translations), we simply act as an agent to enable you to buy and ship items.

We can not be held responsible for product defects or incorrect product specifications.

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The Process

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1) Buy a token.The deposit token is refundable if you do not win the item and if you do win the item will be deducted from your invoice total for the part.

2) Place your bid on the item you want to buy. Please note that bids will not be authorised unless you buy a deposit token.

3) If you win the item we will send you a bill for it. Your bill will include the winning bid amount, together with the 20% buying fee, and any internal shipping from the seller to our site in Japan.

4) The item will be shipped on our container unless instructed otherwise by the customer.

5) The bill for shipping, import charges & UK domestic shipping will be provided around 1-2 weeks before the container arrives in the UK.

6) We ship the item to your door.

This is the process for buying of parts only, the process is different for vehicles – if you would like to buy a car please see this page:

Why choose JDM Garage?

We are a UK based company with over 15 years experience in this field.

• We offer a personalised service and have experienced and friendly staff on hand to help you through the process every step of the way.
• We have also been using the same agent for the last 15 years.
• JDM Garage have regular containers leaving Japan every 8 – 12 weeks which arrive with us 6 – 8 weeks later.
• Not only do we offer container shipping but we also offer EMS (express post), SAL (discounted airmail) & Surface (sea post).
• We have shipped everything from designer sunglasses, artwork, statues and coffee tables right through to go karts, motorbikes & half of a car!

If you would like a quote for any of these shipping methods, please email [email protected]

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Container Shipping Costs

Items which go into our container are categorised by size (extra small, small, medium & large). We charge a flat rate dependant on what size category the item falls into, these prices are as follows:

Extra Small: £19.38
Small: £35.25
Medium: £110.13
Large: £176.25

Please note that we reserve the right to change the above prices due to any fluctuation in the exchange rate. Items which would fall into the extra small shipping category would be items such as an air flow meter, throttle body, crank angle sensor, power steering pump, single callipers, etc. Items which would fall into the small shipping category would be parts like a turbo, headlight set, crankshaft, etc.

Items which would fall into the medium shipping category would be parts like a set of 4 alloy wheels with tyres, engine block, gearbox, front bumper, etc. Items which would fall into the large shipping category are things like engines, etc.

If you are unsure, or are buying something which isn’t a car part, please contact us for a container shipping quote prior to buying as these prices may vary.


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