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Check out the cars from our staff and Paul, an eclectic collection with some of the most iconic JDM cars!

Paul Howard

Toyota AE86 Trueno

This car was originally built by the legendary tuner Koizumi Shokai ( in Japan, originally a drift car then changed to an N2 spec, used for such events as the JDL festival ( and also in the N2 race series. It has everything the ae86 purist would want in a car, a highly tuned 16v 4age on very sought-after fcr41 slide carbs, TRD suspension, Tec Arts parts, ARC parts, Jubiride parts, t50 box, 1.5 way plated LSD, Bride seats, Nardi wheel, Defi, manual rack and more listed below.

This is truly the highest spec AE86 we have ever seen and is now one of the newest additions to our Garage.

Paul Howard

Toyota Corolla AE86 Levin BEE*R Demo Car

One of the most expensive street-semi race AE86 projects ever undertaken, featured in many volumes of Video Option in Japan throughout 1999, The car took nearly one year and had over 100,000 USD Spent on its creation.

Nissan Silvia S15 VK56

The Longest Serving member of JDMgarageUK's fleet. Purchased in 2011 Having been used by Signal auto demo in Japan & Drift emporium used it in Formula D. In the UK has been used in many events including Drift Missouri, JDM all stars and even Goodwood Festival of speed.

Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T Jun

The car was for sale on Yahoo Japan but it had no engine as it had blown up and there was very poor description but nonetheless, Paul recognised this car as soon as he saw it so had to bid on it. This car has been a Full race car from day one. Its Spent most of its days on The Tsukba circuit. Owned by a race team owner in jhapan and had 2 drivers. Paul has always wanted to try do some track racing and looks like it should fit the bill.


Toyota Corolla AE86

Natalie has always wanted a Panda AE86, so many years ago we spent a long time finding the perfect one. The ideal Levin had to be one that wasn’t too corroded or rusty. In the end, we bought this one. We were extremely happy when the car arrived and as we knew we were going to keep the car, it went in for restoration work at Autoworx in Newquay. The Engine was supercharged but has recently been changed to be NA setup with a Flos Jenvey Throttle body kit which sounds amazing!

Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

2014 we imported Nat this very clean 1994 R32 GTR, through JapImports. The car had covered only 28,000 miles. With R32 prices going up, rapidly, she decided to have the car freshened up over the winter and managed to get very carried away!

Nissan Silvia PS13 SR22

This car was started in 2018 we had decided this PS13 was the one, with clean PS's getting more and more rare when we bought this one we decided it was one to keep. After many weeks of searching, our agent in Japan hand picked this car for us. It landed in the UK mid March (2018).

Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T Track Car

This car has been with us for years. We have used this car for developing many of our own products. This is now a very track focussed car that is being used for hill climbs and other track events.

Peugeot 106

We bought this Peugeot 106 for £50 at the start of the covid pandemic to store parcels in preventing couriers from walking into our office, We have since then fitted a GTI engine to the car which was removed from Joes 106 GTI who worked for Jdmgarage for many years and sadly passed away, The engine is currently pushing about 175BHP. we have been using the car for navigational rallies, 12 car night rallies, and it has been performing extremely well.

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