Tomei Japan Machined Full Counter Crankshaft EJ26 (Requires Special Piston & Rods)

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FEATURE/SPEC TOMEI STD stroke 83.0mm 79.0mm weight 9.2kg 9.4kg High precision balance processed full counter By providing a counterweight for each throw (cylinder) to balance the inertia force, bending deformation of the crankshaft is suppressed, vibration and friction are reduced, and bearing reliability is improved. Edge shape (aerodynamic processing) At high revolutions, the counterweight cuts through the oil and air inside the engine and rotates at speeds exceeding 200km/h*1. At that time, a shape with resistance would result in large losses, so we created an aerodynamically advantageous edge shape on both sides of the counterweight to minimize oil and air agitation resistance in the crankcase. *1: When the waist radius is R = 65mm, the outer circumference of the locus during rotation is 408mm = 0.4m. If the engine rotation is 8500 rpm, it is 141.7 revolutions per second and the peripheral speed is 56.7 m/s = 204.1 km/h
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Vehicle / Engine Manufacturer Subaru
Product Brand Tomei Japan
Part Type Crankshaft
Manufacturer Subaru
Model Impreza
Engine EJ257
Lead Time In Stock
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