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Skyline Specialist – Imported Nissan Skyline Parts

JDM Garage UK, the Skyline Specialists, has been importing Nissan Skylines along with new and used Syline parts from Japan for over 10 years. We bring in a variety of Skyline variants, including the R32, R33 and R34, including all manners of models like the GT-R, GTS-T and GT. Whilst most of the Skylines we import are broken for parts, we do occasionally get some cars in that are too good to break. These are either sold on to customers or kept for our own projects.

Being Skyline Specialists means that we need to know exactly how a Skyline works as well as learn about all of the parts available so that we can provide the best parts and service to our loyal customers. Through the years we have built our own Nissan Skyline project cars, this hands on experience allows us to learn about the parts and what works best. This all helps us to be one of the best Skyline Specialists in the UK for quality parts, exceptional service and dedicated Nissan fans.


Nissan R35 GTR Specialist.

We also import the fantastic Nissan GTR for spare parts. JDM Garage UK is able to offer a wide range of Nissan GTR parts, including body parts to complete engines. These cars are fantastic and became an instant hit when launched in Japan in 2007. As the fastest car Nissan is currently producing, whilst offering amazing road handling, these cars have become very popular, so we felt it was important to be able to provide quality used parts whilst also offering a wide range of aftermarket products for the GTR. View our Nissan GTR parts.

Skyline new and aftermarket parts.

As well as importing Nissan Skylines for parts from Japan, the Skyline specialistsd JDM Garage UK as provides a huge collection of new parts as well as after markets for all Nissan Skylines and Nissan GTRs.

These include a wide range of engine, exhaust, braking and suspension parts from some of the biggest names in the Jap car world including HKS, Defi, D2 and Nismo. As well as parts that make your Nissan Skyline handle better and go faster, we also have body styling to improve the appearance.