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HKS "Limited Edition Purple" Oil Filter for Nissan / Honda / Mitsubishi / Subaru / Mazda 68mm x H65mm M20 P1.5 Type 1

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Excl. VAT: £17.50 Incl. VAT: £21.00
Excl. VAT: £17.50 Incl. VAT: £21.00
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Product Description


HKS "Limited Edition Purple" Oil Filter

**Whilst stock lasts**

Brand New!
Genuine HKS!

Size: 68mm x H65mm M20 P1.5




Skyline V37 VR30DETT

Skyline V37 VQ35HR

Skyline V36 VQ37VHR

Skyline V35 VQ35DE 

Skyline J50 VQ37VHR 

Skyline NJ50 VQ37VHR 

Silvia S14 200SX SR20DE

Silvia S14 200SX SR20DET 

Silvia S15 Spec S SR20DE

Silvia S15 Spec R SR20DET

Stagea M35 VQ25DD

Stagea M35 VQ25DET

Stagea M35 VQ35DE

X-Trail HT32 MR20DD 

X-Trail HNT32 MR20DD 

X-Trail T32 MR20DD

X-Trail NT32 MR20DD 

X-Trail T31 MR20DE 

X-Trail NT31 MR20DE

X-Trail PNT30 SR20VET

X-Trail T30 QR20DE

X-Trail NT30 QR20DE

Elgrand TE52 QR25DE

Elgrand TNE52 QR25DE

Elgrand PE52 VQ35DE

Elgrand PNE52 VQ35DE

Elgrand ME51 VQ25DE

Elgrand MNE51 VQ25DE

Elgrand E51 VQ35DE

Elgrand NE51 VQ35DE

Elgrand APE50 VQ35DE

Elgrand APWE50 VQ35DE

Elgrand ALE50 VG33E

Elgrand ALWE50 VG33E 

Cube Z12 HR15DE

Cube NZ12 HR15DE

Cube YZ11 HR15DE 

Gloria / Cedric Y34 VQ25DD

Gloria / Cedric Y34 VQ30DD 

Gloria / Cedric Y34 VQ30DET 

Gloria / Cedric Y33 VQ25DE

Gloria / Cedric Y33 VQ30DE

Gloria /Cedric Y33 VQ30DET 

Cefiro A33 VQ20DE

Cefiro A33 VQ25DD

Cefiro A32 VQ20DE

Cefiro A32 VQ25DE

Cefiro A32 VQ30DE 

Pulsar N15 SR16VE

Pulsar N15 GA15DE

Pulsar N15 GA16DE 

Pulsar N15 SR18DE


Sunny B15 QG13DE

Sunny FB15 QG15DE

Sunny QB15 CG18DD

Sunny JB15 SR16VE

Sunny HB14 SR18DE 

Primera QP12 QG158DE

Primera HP12 SR20VE

Primera TP12 QR20DE

Primera P12 QR25DD

Primera P11 QG18DD

Primera P11 QG18DE

Primera P11 SR20VE

Primera P11 SR18D

Primera P11 SR20DE 

Juke YF15 HR15DE

Juke F15 MR16DTT 

Fairlady Z 370Z Z34 VQ37VHR

Fairlady Z 350Z Z33 VQ35HR

Fairlady Z  350Z Z33 VQ35DE

Fairlady Z 300ZX Z32 VG30 

March K13 HR12DE

March YK12 HR15DE



CRV RW1 L15B  

CRV RW2 L15B  

S2000 AP1 F20C

S2000 AP2 F22C

S660 JW5 S07A (Turbo)

Accord CV3 LFB-H4

Accord Hybrid CR6 LFA-MF6

Integra Type-R DC5 K20A

Integra Type-R DC2 B18C 

Odyssey RC4 LFA-H4

Odyssey RC1 K24W

Odyssey RC2 K24W

Odyssey RC3 K24A

Odyssey RC4 K24A

Odyssey RB1 K24A

Odyssey RB2 K24A

Odyssey RA6 F23A

Odyssey RA7 F23A

Odyssey RA8 J30A

Odyssey RA9 J30A

Civic FC1 L15B Turbo

Civic FK7 L15C Turbo

Civic FD1 R18A 

Civic FD2 K20A

Civic ES1 D15B

Civic ES2 D15B

Civic ES3 D17A

Civic ET2 D17A

Civic Type R FK8 K20C

Civic Type R FK2 K20C

Civic Type R FD2 K20A

Civic Type R EP3 K20A

Civic Type R EK9 B16B 

Civic Hybrid FD3 LDA-MF5 




RVR GA4W 4J10  

Galant Fortis CY6A 4J10

Galant Fortis CY3A 4B10

Galant Fortis CY4A 4B11

Galant Fortis CY4A 4B11(T) 

Galant Fortis Sportsback CX6A 4J10

Galant Fortis Sportsback CX3A 4B10

Galant Fortis Sportsback CX4A 4B11

Galant Fortis Sportsback CX4A 4B11T

Colt Z21A 4A90 

Colt Z22A 4A90

Colt Z23A 4A91

Colt Z24A 4A91 

Colt Z25A 4G19   

Colt Z26A 4G19   

Colt Z27A 4G15

Colt Z28A 4G15  

Colt Plus Z23W 4A91

Colt Plus Z24W 4A91

Colt Plus Z27W 4G15

Colt Ralliart Version R Z27AG 4G15 Turbo 

Lancer CS2A 4G15

Lancer SC5A 4G93T

Lancer CS5 4G93 GDI 

Lancer CS6A 4G94 

Lancer Wagon CS5W 4G93T

Lancer Wagon CS5W 4G93 GDI

Lancer Evolution X 4B11T

Lancer Evolution IX MR CT9A 4G63T

Lancer Evolution IX CT9A 4G63T 

Lancer Evolution VIII MR CT9A 4G63T

Lancer Evolution VIII CT9A 4G63T

Lancer Evolution VII GT-A CT9A 4G63T

Lancer Evolution VII CT9A 4G63T

Lancer Evolution VI CP9A 4G63T

Lancer Evolution V CP9A 4G63T

Lancer Evolution IV CN9A 4G63T

Lancer Evolution II CE9A 4G63T

Lancer Evolution I CD9A 4G63T

Lancer Evolution Wagon IX CT9W 4G63T







Impreza GT6 FB20

Impreza GT7 FB20

Impreza GPE FB20W

Impreza GP2 FB16

Impreza GP3 FB16

Impreza GP6 FB20 

Impreza GP7 FB20

Impreza GH2 EL15

Impreza GH3 EL15

Impreza GH6 EJ20

Impreza GH7 EJ20

Impreza GH8 EJ20T

Impreza GRB EJ20T

Impreza GVB EJ20T

Impreza GVF EJ25T

Impreza GRF EJ25T

Impreza GDC EL15

Impreza GDD EL15

Impreza GD2 EJ15

Impreza GD4 EJ16

Impreza GC6 EJ18 

Impreza GC8 EJ20

Impreza GC8 EJ20T 

Impreza Sports Wagon GGC EL15

Impreza Sports Wagon GGD EL15

Impreza Sports Wagon GG2 EL15

Impreza Sports Wagon GG3 EL15

Impreza Sports Wagon GG9 Ej20

Impreza Sports Wagon GGA EJ20T

Impreza Sports Wagon GGB EJ20T

Impreza Sports Wagon GF1 EJ15

Impreza Sports Wagon GF2 EJ15

Impreza Sports Wagon GF3 EJ16

Impreza Sports Wagon GF4 EJ16

Impreza Sports Wagon GF5 EJ18

Impreza Sports Wagon GF6 EJ18

Impreza Sports Wagon GFA EJ18

Impreza Sports Wagon GF8 EJ20

Impreza Sports Wagon GF8 EJ20T

Impreza G4 GK6 FB20

Impreza G4 GK7 FB20

Impreza G4 GJ2 FB16

Impreza G4 GJ3 FB16

Impreza G4 GJ6 FB20

Impreza G4 GJ7 FB20

Forester SKE FB20W

Forester SK9 FB25C

Forester SJ5 FB20A 

Forester SJG FA20A

Forester SHJ FB20A 

Forester SH5 EJ20 

Forester SH5 EJ20T

Forester SH9 EJ20T

Forester SG5 EJ20 

Forester SG5 EJ20T

Forester SG9 EJ25T

Forester SF5 EJ20

Forester SF5 EJ20T

Forester SF9 EJ25 

Levorg VM4 FB16T

Levorg VMG FA20T 

Legacy B4 BN9 FB25A

Legacy B4 BMG FA20T 

Legacy B4 BMM FB25A

Legacy B4 BM9 EJ25

Legacy B4 BM9 EJ25T 

Legacy B4 BL9 EJ25

Legacy B4 BL5 EJ20 

Legacy B4 BL5 EJ20T

Legacy B4 BE5 EJ20

Legacy B4 BE9 EJ25

Legacy BD2 EJ18

Legacy BD3 EJ18

Legacy BD4 EJ20

Legacy BD5 EJ20

Legacy BD5 EJ20T

Legacy BD9 EJ25

Legacy BC2 EJ18

Legacy BC3 EJ18

Legacy BC4 EJ20

Legacy BC5 EJ20

Legacy BCA EJ20

Legacy BCA EJ20T

Legacy Touring Wagon BRG FA20T

Legacy Touring Wagon BRM FB25A

Legacy Touring Wagon BR9 EJ25

Legacy Touring Wagon BR9 EJ25T

Legacy Touring Wagon BP5 EJ20

Legacy Touring Wagon BP5 EJ20T

Legacy Touring Wagon BP9 EJ25

Legacy Touring Wagon BH5 EJ20

Legacy Touring Wagon EJ20T

Legacy Touring Wagon BH9 EJ25

Legacy Touring Wagon BHC EJ25

Legacy Touring Wagon BG2 EJ18

Legacy Touring Wagon BG3 EJ18

Legacy Touring Wagon BG4 EJ20

Legacy Touring Wagon BG5 EJ20

Legacy Touring Wagon BG5 EJ20T

Legacy Touring Wagon BG7 EJ22

Legacy Touring Wagon BGB EJ22

Legacy Touring Wagon BG9 EJ25

Legacy Touring Wagon BGC EJ25

Legacy Touring Wagon BF3 EJ18

Legacy Touring Wagon BF4 EJ20

Legacy Touring Wagon BF5 EJ20

Legacy Touring Wagon BFA EJ20

Legacy Touring Wagon BF5 EJ20T

Legacy Touring Wagon BF7 EJ22

Legacy Touring Wagon BFB EJ22




RX-7 FD3S 13B-REW 

Axela BM5FP P5-VPR

Axela BM5AP P5-VPS 


Axela BK5P ZJ-VE

Axela Sport BM5FS P5-VPS

Axela Sport BM5AS P5-VPS

Axela Sport BMEFS PE-VPR

Axela Sport BL5FW ZJ-VE

Axela Sport BK5P ZJ-VE

Mazda 2 DJLFS P5-VPS 

Mazda 2 DJLAS P5-VPS 

Mazda 3 BP5P P5-VPS 


Mazda 6 Sedan GJEFP PE-VPR

Mazda 6 Sedan GJ5FW PY-RPR

Mazda 6 Sedan GJ5FW PY-VPTS 

Mazda MX5 Roadster RF NDERC PE-VPR

Mazda MX5 Roadster ND5RC P5-VP

Mazda MX5 Roadster ND5RC P5-VPR

Mazda MX5 Roadster NB8C BP-VE

Mazda MX5 Roadster NB6C B6-ZE

Mazda MX5 Roadster NB6CE B6


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