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Yahoo Auctions

JDM Garage UK can now offer a great new service allowing you to browse and bid on Japanese auctions.

It's great for finding those innovative, rare or just damn cool parts for your car which are not available anywhere in Europe, but it's not limited to just car parts - you can indulge in everything Japanese, so for those of you who are fans of Japanese culture, you could pick up a whole truckload of great gadgets, anime magazines and some fantastic gifts for birthdays and Christmas!

It couldn't be easier, you just place a bid on an item, we receive your bid and contact you to arrange a deposit. Once received we then bid on the item for you, if its within your price range and the item is won then we will arrange to have the item sent direct to you.

Yahoo Auctions

Important - Please read our terms of service

You agree that:

  • Our service to you is soley to facilitate the buying of a product and shipping on your behalf.
  • We are not responsible for the listing of items on the auctions or their description accuracy (including respective translations).
  • We can not be held responsible for product defects or incorrect product specifications.
  • We stress that it's extremely important to read the listing descriptions carefully and to please contact us if you need any assistance before providing a bid.    

? By using our Yahoo Japan Auction Bid service, you agree to our terms above.

Japan on your doorstep!
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If you have any queries or need some advice before using the service, please email [email protected] or give us a call.